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Marking System

Canterbury Dance Festival will be using the new All England Dance marking system for our 2023 Festival.  The marks are no longer out of 100; each competitor will now be given a band of attainment.  The descriptors for these bands are illustrated below.  

Competitors may therefore receive the same band of attainment as others in their section, but their outcomes may differ with regard to placings.  The placings are determined by the adjudicator's personal choice.

For All England Qualifying marks, the relevant band for the age group must be attained. Qualifying marks are gained at the age of the performer when they compete. Performers who change Age Groups after 31st August 2023 may qualify with the mark associated with their current age group but must dance the exact dance that they qualified with at the Regional Final.


Junior: 6 and under to Age 10 (Inclusive) Distinction

Intermediate: 11 - 14 (Inclusive) Distinction Plus

Senior: 15-18 (Inclusive) Honours

Further information can be found:

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