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Child Protection Policy

The Canterbury Dance Festival has compiled this policy to provide a safe and caring environment for all the competitors in compliance with the current Child Protection Policy and to work with all parents, teachers and Festival staff to implement this policy.


1. Purpose and Function of Organisation:

The Canterbury Dance Festival provides a stage for amateur performers to compete against each other publicly. The chosen professional adjudicator’s presence represents an artistic standard against which the competitors are willing to be measured, with an educational element.


2. Environment:

It is our policy to involve parents/guardians/carers or teachers in partnership with the Canterbury Dance Festival to ensure a safe environment at the Festival as far as practically possible.


3. Application:

This policy relates to both children under the age of 18 and those vulnerable adults who are identified to the organiser prior to their arrival at the Festival. The Festival recognises the needs of children who are disabled or from ethnic minorities, and will seek to meet any specific needs notified to the Festival in advance by parents/guardians/carers or teachers.


4. Personnel:

The Canterbury Dance Festival is run by volunteers all of whom have independent references, and have been briefed on the terms of this policy. All volunteers are known as Canterbury Dance Festival Officials and are clearly identified by wearing the same uniform and a  black and white badge with their individual name on them. Please make sure you are aware who the officials are in case any problems should arise over the course of the Festival. Every problem will be taken seriously, dealt with discreetly, documented and dated.


5. Preparation:

All teachers and organisers of participants in this Festival will be expected to have read this policy. In accordance with this policy it is essential that parents/guardians/carers not attending the Festival make sure that their children are accompanied by licensed chaperones at all times.  The Canterbury Dance  Festival will not undertake this role apart from the backstage area where we provide our own licensed Chaperones to take care of them.


6. Changing Areas:

The female changing room is clearly marked. There is a separate boys changing room provided clearly marked. Generally it is mothers and/or teachers that change their children- both male and female competitors. On the rare occasion that a father wishes to assist his daughter get ready the organiser must be told in advance of the Festival to make appropriate arrangements. Elder brothers and Fathers are not permitted in the female changing room at any time. (Under five boys are allowed in the female changing rooms when accompanied with their mother only) 


7. Photography, Video Photography, Press Photography and Mobile Phones:

The Canterbury Dance Festival prohibits the use of any means of photography and video anywhere in the vicinity of the Festival inside and outside of the building. The organiser will confiscate any equipment if this rule is breached. Competitors/parents etc will be advised when a press photographer is in attendance and be given the opportunity not to participate. The Canterbury Dance Festival provides a professional photographer and video technician for services if the parent/guardian/ teacher etc requires them. Once the product has been processed and bought the evidence will be erased from memory. Both photographer and video technician have been police checked and have provided adequate references.


8. The Legislation and Guidance that supports this Policy:

The Children Act 1989; The Police Act 1997; The Data Protection Act 1998; The Human Rights Act 1998; The Protection of Children Act 1999; The Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000; Children Act 2004.


9. Policy Review:

The Canterbury Dance Festival will review this policy at regular intervals enhancing it when necessary, and will look to other agencies for good practice, most notably the NSPCC and the Arts Council of England policy guidelines.



NB: Any queries regarding this policy should be placed in writing and sent to:

Laura Murray (Safeguarding Officer)

3 Sherwood Close, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 4PE

01227 905239 / 07966 376675

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